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Paula’s Paintings

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Paula's Paintings

Paula Boyce, who leads our weekly Story Hour, is a woman of many talents. She is helping us usher in spring with a display of her beautiful artwork. She says she started dabbling in acrylic painting during the pandemic.

My daughter’s untouched set of paints and brushes that she received as a gift (but didn’t want) were staring me in the face. I looked online to learn about brush strokes, painting techniques, and tutorials. Then, I started to paint almost every day!

When their lives returned to normal, she got busy with work and family, so wasn’t able to devote as much time to it. Now, she still loves to paint and has my own little space in her basement to spread out and make messes.

I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results of my painting efforts most of the time.

And we are pleased with her results, as well. Please come in to have a look and while you’re there browse our shelves for a good book to read.


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