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Children’s Summer Reading Program

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Summer Reading Program

When you bring your child to our library this summer, we’ll offer them more than a good book to read. We’ll also tap into their creative side.

Every child who signs up for our summer reading program will get a sketchbook and a drawstring backpack. Your family will need a library card to participate, but we can easily take care of it if you don’t have one.

Beginning Monday, June 17, each week for eight weeks, when your child checks out a book, they’ll get a bookmark with drawing instructions.

  • Week 1 June 7-22: Learn to draw a dolphin
  • Week 2 June 23-29: Learn to draw a motorcycle
  • Week 3 June 30-July 6: Learn to draw a zebra
  • Week 4 July 7-13: Learn to draw a sailboat
  • Week 5 July 14-20: Learn to draw an elephant
  • Week 6 July 21-27: Learn to draw an airplane
  • Week 7 July 28-August 3: Learn to draw a cockatoo
  • Week 8 August 4-10: Learn to draw a car

Each week they should draw the item on the bookmark in their sketchbook, using whatever materials they want. They should also write or draw the title of the book they read.

At the end of the summer, if they have eight drawings from the bookmarks and eight written or drawn book titles, they’ll get a set of 24 colored pencils and a sharpener.

Be sure not to miss out on this easy and fun summer project.

Library Hours
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